Safety & Quality Assured Services

Ansgar is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly workplace. Each member of the Ansgar team is individually committed and responsible for adherence and continuous improvement to our safety program.

Ansgar leads the way in employee safety and environment stewardship through:

  • management commitment,
  • personal accountability,
  • individual ownership,
  • industry leading training, and
  • knowledgeable leaders.

Safety is an essential element of pre-job planning and execution. By ensuring safety is our focus on every job and in every task, we reinforce our commitments to our people and our customers.

In the model of modern safety programs, Ansgar is focused on behavior based quality, where we encourage personal ownership and accountability for the products and services we provide. Pride in the quality of our work is the foundation of Ansgar’s Quality Program. Ansgar sets the bar higher than the customer and code requires; we believe that compliant is not good enough. We only produce and accept products we are proud of.

When we set expectations higher, we achieve improved customer satisfaction and ensure the product our customer receives is a product that both parties can be proud of. Ansgar maintains a fully developed ASME quality control program. As part of this process, we undergo yearly audits through our Authorized Inspection Agency and full audits every three years by the ASME and the National Board. Through the audit process and our ongoing internal efforts, we keep our quality program up-to-date with the latest amendments and revisions to the ASME Code. Ansgar is capable of adhering to many ASME and construction standards and we hold Code Stamps for the following: